Boccia Association,India(BAI)

Bocce is a International Olympic recognised game, It is an Itlian game, Boccia Association,India(BAI) is a non profit organisation and affiliated by CONFEDERAZIONE BOCCISTICA INTERNATIONAL (CBI) Which is the part of C.M.S.B. (World Confederation of Boules Sport)

About Bocce / Boccia Game

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About Name of Game

Bowls/Bocce/Boccie/Boccia are the same in india, But Worldwide Bocce Name used so on website we used Bocce.

About Equipment

Contact the India Federation member mention below in contact us or mail on for the request of a equipment i.e. Bocce Ball set.

Bowls/Bocce/Boccia/Boccie Techanical rule of the game.


Some Snapshot of Bocce Game in India

May 2017
May 2017
May 2017
May 2017
May 2017

About US

President Message

15 Oct 2016

Bocce is an competitive game, It is an ancient game, dating back to before the days of the Roman Empire. It has endured over the centuries because it is fun, easy, and relaxing.

Secretary General Message

13 Dec 2016

Bocce is simple and fun also it is competitive. Anyone can play- all ages and skill levels- and still have a chance to win. Career point of view it is very good game if you want to build your careen in sports.